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Functional finishes

Increase the service life and hygiene of your seat covers with Lantal finishes. In addition to improving passenger well-being, they reduce your maintenance effort.

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Yardage can be enhanced with finishing processes. The stain-repellent finish for Lantal seat cover fabrics can be applied to standard velvet and flat-weave qualities for buses. The hygienic finish is available only for plush.
Plush can be enhanced with the hygienic finish together with the stain-repellent finish. The stain-repellent finish can only be applied to flat weaves.

Stain-repellant finish

The stain-repellent finish makes seat covers resistant to dirt, moisture, and liquids of all kinds. Liquids are prevented from seeping into the fabric and can be gently wiped away.

Hygienic finish

The hygienic effect of the finish inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, thus preventing the occurrence of odors in the fabric. Textiles remain fresh for a longer period of time.